Friday, February 8, 2013

storms on the Gulf

We've had a couple sizable squalls blow through during the two weeks we've been out on the National Seashore.  The first storm was to hit at high tide, and the Rangers came around with notices that we had to pack everything up and be prepared to evacuate on a 30 minute notice.  The waves wash over the roads, and sand covers up all surfaces.  We waited it out and it blew on to Pensacola across the bay.

The 2nd storm was just a couple nights ago - and the winds were much worse.  No warning notices this time, although there was still wash over and roads covered in sand.  We were running errands in Gulf Breeze the next morning and passed by a construction site where a new water tower was about to get the final "skin" before completion - slated for this coming week.  We've been watching the steel frame go up steadily since our arrival.

The steel water tower was totally demolished, and the word is that winds over 80 mph were clocked over night.  Several cars were  caught under the collapsed building - but haven't heard of any injuries.  The construction is on one side of the parade route for the upcoming Mardis Gras festivities this weekend.

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