Thursday, February 7, 2013

Panama City Florida

Panama City is a wonderful beach town - and very popular during Spring Break.  Glad we'll be gone before the younger crowds begin to arrive.

For now, it's a very sleepy  beach town - most restaurants are just starting to hire waitstaff - amusement parks are hanging signs about opening dates - and there;s an endless array of surf board and tee-shirt shops  trying desperately to clear out last years' inventory.

Here are a few of our favorite sights!

The upside down Wonderhouse is certainly an eye-catching landmark -   (Notice the upside down palm trees).  It sits right across from the Ripley's Odditorium  - and it appears that nothing is level inside it.
Another Ripleys - where's the Dramamine?
who wouldn't love a ride on the Vomatron??????  are you crazy!! 

 What is it a about this area where everything is off balance?  Not sure these would be my first choice for entertainment!  Didn't have time to explore -  the weather was too nice to stay off the beach.  
Maybe next year!

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