Thursday, February 7, 2013

beware of soft shoulders!

There are signs everywhere warning drivers to stay off the shoulders - and now we know why!!!

This poor rental  car "Pulled Over" to take some photos - BIG MISTAKE,  The front tires immediately sank into the sand.  Fred stopped to help, and so did 4 other pickup trucks (Guys just can't resist a Rescue)..... but the front end just kept digging in deeper.  We learned that the travelers were "Parrotheads" - groupies following Jimmy Buffet - who was performing in Pensacola that evening.

We finally had to leave the rescue to AAA - and headed back to the campground to rescue the cats instead.  Hope the "Parrotheads" made it to the' concert!

can we add "Parrotheads" to our birding list?

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