Friday, February 8, 2013

life in the campground

Fred is doing a bit of "House Keeping"  He gets the best jobs. 

I looked across at our neighbor's site, and was surprised to see a cat loose in their area -

      only it wasn't a cat..



We have really enjoyed the beautiful evenings and         sharing campfires with our neighbors.  We've met couples from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, New York, Michigan,, Indiana,  Wisconsin,  Minnesota- and more.  There have even been a few Floridians who come to this area to celebrate Mardis Gras.
 One evening we toasted marshmallows (supplied by folks from Texas)  It was the first time since our days camping with the Girl Scouts.... when we swore off ever touching marshmallows again. 

 Must admit that 
I prefer a glass wine or coffee with my campfires.

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  1. Were the marshmallows golden or charred? Those were the days!