Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where did January go???

We're gathering up our stuff in preparation for our departure from the Williston/Gainesville/Ocala area tomorrow.  We just can't believe that a month has flown by.  It turns out that life in this "rv resort" setting was alot more pleasant than we had expected.  People were very friendly, the assorted gatherings were actually fun, we thoroughly enjoyed being close to Gainesville and all it had to offer, and we were not bothered by one single nosy or noisy neighbor.  No one pushed us into attending functions - and the park is truly lovely.  I'm just so glad that caring for it is the responsibility of someone else!  Our little "street" is home to quite a few retirees who travel full time (have given up their homes and live in their RVs all year).  We were the only ones on this street that were only here for a month; everyone else is here for 6+ months.

Tonight is our last pot luck supper; we missed bingo last night!

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