Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fred takes a fishing trip

Fred wanted to do a bit of fishing while here in Florida, but his only fishing trip was a bit of a surprise..... and it gives us the obligatory "black tank" story that every RVer needs to have!  (if you haven't seen  the Robin Williams movie "RV" it's time to order it from Netflix)

For those who don't know.... the Black Tank is the holding tank for the toilet.  We also have a Grey Tank (for the sink & shower) and a Galley Tank for the kitchen sink.  But, you drain them individually, even when set up in a campground with "full hookups".  The worst is actually the Galley tank, because it fills up the quickest.  To avoid this nuisance we often dump our dishwashing waste water down the flush.  It's a camping shortcut that works quite well..... unless you forget to check for silverware on the bottom of the basin.

I think you can guess where this story is headed....  yes, silverware went overboard - so to speak.
We considered saying farewell to the silverware  but what would happen when the tank was drained???  would it become stuck the drain?? or wedged in the tank hose?\

After some creative problem solving we came up with a possible solution: 

Magnets taped onto the end of a wire used to "fish" electrical wiring!!!  and it worked.
There was alot of bleaching & then boiling and more bleaching and more boiling .

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