Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"fiber art" at the Harn Gallery in Gainesville

We loved the Gainesville Museum of Natural History, and the Art Museum next door..... especially this one huge "quilt"  on display
the piece is titled "Old Man's Cloth" and the artist is an African man well known for his large quilt installations.  But the most amazing fact is that it's not made of fabric
When viewed up close you can see the metal twists joining the pieces together....but even on close examination I didn't realize what the pieces were made of
The "fiber" is the metal collars from whiskey bottles or the metal cap-pieces from whiskey bottles; each pierced and threaded with copper wire and joined together.  Amazing!  I didn't find much information on this piece, but guess the quilt was roughly 10 feet x 13 or 14 feet!

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