Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paynes Prairie Preserve

There is a huge scrub pine/prairie/marsh area between our Park in Williston and Gainesville, called the Paynes Prairie Preserve.  We've hiked a couple different areas, but yesterday we did the sink-hole section on the La Choua trail. What a Day!  we stood in disbelief watching 30-some alligators floating in a natural sink-hole pond..... with another dozen babies safely hiding in another nearby pool covered by water plants.
 the black log on the left middle is a modest sized 6footer.... but on the right side, there is a huge gator on the little spit of land - pretending to be a pile of light colored rocks.

We also saw a very large bison (there is a wild, managed herd), lots of wading birds, warblers, a wild pig, sandhill cranes, falcons.  We're going back later this week to try to find the wild horse herd,

more photos will be posted soon!

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