Sunday, December 25, 2011

visiting Old Pensacola

It's very quiet here this time of the year.  There is a sizable population, but the volume of folks out and around seems surprisingly light.  Old Pensacola is a mix of Spanish & French architecture

But, the most important landmark was spotted as we were driving past Veterans' Park:

The night before Xmas Eve we drove over to Gulf Breeze to see the ZooLights display.  The Zoo is a very small community effort - actually an expanded petting Zoo, with the now popular light displays.  This zoo opens after dark for best viewing.  Really, it was more like a Christmas Haunted House!  Kids squealing in the dark, animals goosing you through the bars in the hope of a treat;  I walked into 2 gigantic turkeys perched on a railing, and barely avoided a blood curdling scream myself.  The event was mobbed, and the zoo made a ton of money - which may be required for therapy for the poor confused inhabitants

More to follow soon.  Love to all

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