Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Hope Santa was good to everyone!  Our present was a beautiful day spent at the beach yesterday:

Never knew the beaches were SO WHITE! I also expected to be able to see oil rigs in the distance, but not so.  We paid a visit to Fort Pickens on the Gulf Shores National Park.... amazingly unspoiled and isolated..... and beautiful.
And Fred got his official Lifetime Old Fart (senior citizen) Park Pass.

We're adjusting very well to life in under 300 square feet (I think it's actually more like 240 square feet, but who's counting???)
Sometimes it's very cluttered and cramped, but it's working, and far more comfortable than camping!!!

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  1. Hi Anita and Fred! Sue and Bob here ~We love your photos. The beautiful white sand looks like snow... without the freezing temps Enjoy!

    Fred appears very comfortable in your kitchenette!