Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FDR's Little White House, and Warm Springs

The Little White House was tiny! tiny furniture, tiny beds,  low ceilings, small pine paneled rooms.  Considering that both FDR and Eleanor were fairly large people I was amazed at the scale of everything.  Very rustic, but very charming.
the grounds were beautiful - and the walk of the States was interesting (a stone & flag from each state)

But the part I loved the most was the small collection of walking sticks that had been sent to FDR from all over the country and world.  This collection only contained 100+ canes
 I found this bulldog!!

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  1. HEY and a VERY MERRY YULE/CHRISTMAS to you and the kitty -- what a woncerful treat to follow you on your travels. It all looks fascinating! I love the palm tree covered in lights. It snowed on Xmas here; looks like a postcard and BettyRose the dog is delirious with joy. We even put some mystical blue lights on a young pine tree in the yard (very non-denominational)!
    So glad you're enjoying yourselves! I'm going to try to send a picture (probably an email) for New Year's -- have a Happy. xoxoxoxox Judith