Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pensacola's Big Lagoon State Park

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to all.  The ham dinner is over, and we're settling down to a quite afternoon. (Yes, we can cook in our RV kitchen - it's all there, just lots smaller).
  It's a pleasant 58degrees, but the sky is overcast & rain is threatening.
We have more photos to share - it's our first visit to the Gulf States, and it's been a wonderful introduction.  First our campground (Big Lagoon State Park) is on the intercoastal waterway, not the Gulf itself, but it's a preserved jungle of palmettos, pines, live oaks and bayous:
everything is connected by very civilized boardwalks - a great idea, since I wouldn't want to bushwhack through this stuff

 We have a lovely big lagoon (hence the name of the park), with a beautiful white sand beach..... there's just one small problem:

and, yes, there is an alligator!  we saw him on our first night here, but not since

 The park beach is safe for swimming, but let's face it, 60degrees is lovely, but it's not swimming weather.
It is great for an early morning walk with a cup of coffee!