Monday, March 16, 2015

Our winter is over - time to move west

We settled into our campsite outside of St. Augustine back in December, and have been enjoying 4-months of really wonderful weather.  Not to rub it in, Northern friends - but we're both so glad we're not in Maine this winter.

There have been visits from friends; busy Holidays ; concerts; farmers' markets, art shows, quiet walks in town, time to play with my traveling studio, Fred plays Pickleball and Bocci - and there's always maintenance; stuff breaks!  There's also been lots of time for goofing off.
Diane & Grady drove up for Lunch!

lunch at Aunt Kate's next to the campground

Breakfast at Georgie's

dinner with SARAH & her college roommate! at the Napoli in Ponte Vedra  
Jacksonville RV show



A Sewing project - with lots of help!

At the Old Gate to the City
It's been a great winter and at the end of March we move onto Phase II:  after a brief trip to Charleston, we'll be heading West   -  back to San Antonio, and then on to Santa Fe, Mesa Verde, Arches National Park, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the Black Hills.... with lots of stops along the way, and time to spend with friends .

 The Spring Equinox is coming up on the 20th - and then it will be official, even if it doesn't look like spring - or feel like spring it is officially spring, if only in your heart.  Thinking of you all. Our plans are to be back in Maine by late June!


  1. Have a good trip and keep us posted! Always enjoy the pictures and comments. We are slowly coming out of winter.

  2. Your fiber arts are so lovely!

  3. Anita & Fred. What fun to have found you on Facebook ! You both look vibrant and happy. YAY ! How flat out wonderful to be "gypsies"; something I have always wanted to do and be.FREE as the WIND ! Do keep posting on your is great fun following you. My Facebook page is ClairePerryArt and would love to have you as a "friend." {{{{ HUGS }}}}

  4. And Anita...I LoVe what you are doing with your art ! Please post more. Lots more, and close ups ! You are so very talented and creative. Beautiful.