Sunday, March 29, 2015

Charleston revisited

We made a run back to Charleston, to meet RVing friends who were there for a couple weeks.   It's only 4.5 hours of driving .... but after 4 months of "settling in"  to our Florida campsite we found there was a lot to sort and pack!  The weather was mild, but overcast, but only one really wet day kept us inside!     We did visit Magnolia Plantation.

Magnolia Plantation

Smoke house
interior of one slave cabin - still occupied in 1965  by the family of former slaves

Slave cabins

Cheryl trying to capture the blooming Cherries
azaleas blooming at the entrance

We were both surprised by how swampy the grounds were!  can't imagine living there in the heat of the summer! and the idea of struggling with the layers of clothing that was typical of era - Terrifying!

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