Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's now official:

One of our projects this winter has been to wade through all the paperwork for establishing a domicile state --- when you don't own or lease real estate. ....  and the best package for folks who live full time in their RVs is SOUTH DAKOTA!  who knew???

So the vehicle registrations, insurances, and address registrations are now complete.  All that's left to do is take the SD driver's licence test when we're there in early June.

Feels very weird to "live" in a state we've never even seen.

The new, official, permanent address is:

Fred & Anita PALSGROVE
514 Americas Way #6315
Box Elder, SD  57719

email & phones are unchanged (so far),

Fred - 207-592-5060
Anita  207-677-3337

this will continue to be the best ways to reach us. ( Please don't use the Green Cove Springs address any longer, or the older Pemaquid address.)

This mail service collects our mail - emails us for instructions, and then forwards the mail to wherever we are staying.  Works quite well!

So, now when people ask us where we're from, the answer has gotten alot more complicated!

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