Sunday, September 30, 2012

first stop - Vermont

We've actually hit this road - heading to Vermont to visit friends and spend some time at the Shelburne Museum.  The weather was a bit gloomy, but the colors were beautiful!.  And, of course, time shared with friends, Guy and Katie and Kyle, was lots of fun.  

Shelburne Museum

I loved the carousel 
 Kyle Franko with Ivan  (and Fred)

Kyle sharing Ivan's cat-tree

Kyle with Sasha
We head off for Northampton Ma tomorrow morning - hoping for a little sun!  More later


  1. Looks like fun....lucky Sasha.... We LOVED Shelburne...

  2. Thanks SO much for coming ! We all had the best time with you and the cats! Kyle has been carrying his Ivan and Sasha around with him and sleeping with them, too! My job is to take care of them while he is at school, feeding them sardines at exactly noon, he is just too funny at times! XXXOOO