Wednesday, September 26, 2012

prayer flag project

I have been following a huge group of on-line women who are part of the international Prayer Flag Project..... admiring their simple, hand sewn statements proudly flying all over the world.  Shortly after I was diagnosed with bone metastases in late June I started sewing too.  It was great to hold needle and thread again, and to watch the string of flags grow.  I managed to sew 30 flags in 30 days - and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing on the screened porch all summer.  I am still in the process of posting my contributions to  the FLICKER site, but here a few photos

play with the cat - it's good Karma
30 prayer flags 2012

Flags were sewn on a linen/cotton fabric. ........

you are my sunshine

the edges were deliberately left raw, so that they could gently unravel in the wind. The appliqued portions were done with a variety of fabrics, embroidery floss,  and flea market treasures, like the "silver" bluebird on this one. Some were also beaded - like "Dream"

the journey is the reward

This flag was born out of our first conversations about "what if we can drive west this year?"  I must have been channeling the truck commercial that uses the same phrase.

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