Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Campobello Island

We finally went to Campobello Island this summer - it was the perfect "shake down cruise" for the RV.... especially since we discovered we had left so many necessary items at home!  But the weather was perfect, the views were spectacular, and the Island was nearly all ours  We camped at the Herring Cove Provincial Park - very close to the FDR compound.
Quoddy Head Light - eastern most US point

Lubec Maine in the background

East Quoddy Light - Canada -  High tide

low tide - complete with beach and a long rusty ladder to get up to the lighthouse

FDR compound - the gardens were beautiful

Of course my favorite part is always the beach rocks - the they were amazing!!  carried a load of rocks home, and didn't declare them at the boarder crossing.  The guards were more concerned about transporting citrus fruit - not rocks.

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