Thursday, November 27, 2014

some thoughts on downsizing

We're at Edisto Beach SC - during a very windy & rainy stretch of weather.  Spending far too much time inside, and trying to find things that I thought were carefully stored - somewhere.

No matter what compartment I open I find myself STILL DOWNSIZING!

Too many potato peelers, too many sweaters, too many cat towels, too many cat toys, too many shoes, too many books, too many art supplies  ----- does the paring down ever end??

So in the midst of bags of stuff, destined for places that take stuff, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the process of downsizing...... just in case you have plans for a smaller home someday (or are considering a stretch of time in an RV)

*  It's never too soon to start - we've been at this for 5 years, and were astonished by how much stuff was still piled up for dispatch during the last week in the house!  Start now!
*  Be ruthless. Hand out the treasures you've been saving - and let a new generation enjoy them.

*  Visit family & friends - and leave stuff behind - books, clothes, shoes - kittens

*  Donate as much as you can, and challenge yourself to find small local charities, not just the big national ones.....especially charities that provide collection services.

*  buy an E-reader - and use it.

*  Plan on several LARGE yardsales,  and make those prices low !!  and if that doesn't work, try "FREE"

*  Make friends with a local handyman - he may be thrilled to make a home for the mountains of junk that accumulated in the workshop

* We finally decided to rent a VERY SMALL storage unit   (5x10)  for all the precious stuff that just can't be given away and couldn't be squeezed into the RV (and I tried really hard)

can this.......

equal this ????  We're still not sure.. this
the process felt a bit more like this,
 And, if it can't be given away, sold, trashed, donated, contributed or stored it may need to be released in  a bonfire - because sometimes burning something seems more respectful than just throwing it away...  and there is a great joy in watching your high school yearbooks go up in flames!

*  So take the Pledge that from now on you must make it your personal mission to avoid the occasion of sin - no matter how tempting, cute or well priced!  Or at least use the "one in- one out" rule.

and remember... Downsizing  is NEVER over!

Posted from our over-flowing and most certainly over-weight 30' RV.  with love to you all !!

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  1. It takes constant effort to keep things pared down and then people give you more things.