Sunday, November 9, 2014

FINALLY - heading south

The dust is still settling  - and we're looking forward to some time to process the wild 60 days of September & October:

We listed the house for sale (after talking about it for several years).  Our trip to Northampton to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful young people was the perfect time to start showing the house.  Little did we suspect that the house would sell so quickly - that same weekend!

So on September 1st our house looked like this:


  but on October 20th it looked like this:

we sold what we could - donated what was left, and stashed a small amount of irreplaceable things (like rocks and rusty metal for some future assemblage art project, and, of course,  Fred's pottery) in the teeny tiny storage unit. Being "unfettered" means to leave nothing behind.  We got close.

So in a 60-day period we went from this:

to this :

.......... from a 1 cat household, to an 8 cat household (thanks to our rescue Siamese, Mishka, who came into our lives with a BIG secret)

Her babies arrived on September 3rd - on a camping trip.  These babies are destined to be good travelers.  We found homes for 5 babies in October (while we were finding homes for our furniture & personal belongings)  But one kitty stayed with us.  This is Sophie - truly born under a wandering star

 So after a brief visit in MA with friends, a brief visit in PA w/ Fred's family - and a brief visit in MD w/ my family, we are FINALLY headed to warmer climates to reflect on our new life choice as nomads -  
We look forward to planning our travels for the spring, toward sharing time in Florida with visiting friends & family, and we plan to be back in Maine for July, August and September -  but that's a long way off.  For now, we have no property responsibilities, no mortgage or obligations.  It's a strange feeling....  and our heads are still spinning.  But, we are finally Tumbleweeds.

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  1. So glad you are blogging again. The kitties are so cute!
    We miss you guys already!
    Yours in fried pickles,
    Cheryl & Hank