Friday, November 22, 2013

my campsite art studio

 I collected some of the local plant materials
and decided to try my hand at eco-dyeing.  The
dye pot boiled, I made leaf bundles and set the
tied papers over the steam.  This first attempt
had limited success - but it was fun, and there
were some surprises.  I still have a jug of
dye left over from the black walnuts I cooked up
last winter - and I love the effects I get.

I'll just have to keep trying.....

Palmetto prints drying
 I work on art journal pages, and experiment with
painting art papers for use in collage or as pages and covers for handmade books.  I'm also working on another series of palmetto prints - maybe for Holiday Cards?

 I discovered a gecko watching me from one of
the palmetto fronds that had been used in the
printing process - Usually we see them in their
brown stage, but this little guy was working hard
to match my green paints.
first layers of paints

my visitor seemed very curious about what I was doing
He came in for a closer look - maybe searching for a new color?

more layers of color, prints, stencils

there's nothing tidy about my process!

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