Friday, November 22, 2013

Love St. Augustine

Such a beautiful little city - so much to discover - such wonderful surprises everywhere

Hibiscus in bloom - lots of flowers and trees are in bloom right now.

love bird houses

This house had  lines of pennants hanging on each porch - but on closer examination I realized they were really gloves!  very clever! and very festive.

 love the gate details,and all the rusty ornamentation
There's now a small garden planted in front of this gate......can't help but wonder what 
these doors open on to???

old houses - beautiful old hand-split siding.  Love the colors.

very old streets, very old bricks - nothing is level

this is called cotton candy grass - and it looks like it too!


  1. These are beautiful! This area looks very enchanting, "Secret Gardenish," and sunny! Thanks for sharing a bit of sunshine! XXXOOO

  2. What an enchanting location!
    Rather"Secret Gardenish" with lots of wonderful sunshine!
    Kyle would like to thank Ivan for the nice postcard! He loved it!
    Miss you and look forward to more postings! XXXOOO