Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Visiting my Father

Dad moved into assisted living about 3 weeks ago.  He's still adjusting, and although this was his decision, I know it's been hard for him.  His room is small, but he has lots of mementos from the home in Leisure World.
Tom Giblin at 92 - rocking away in Daddy Gib's rocking chair

We took him out every day - and amazingly enough, he was able to hop up into our huge truck (a feat that is a challenge for me).

And we went out to Gate of Heaven (yes, that's the real name) to visit mother.

Unfortunately, we missed the visit from the McDonalds!  Would have loved to see them, but I know dad was tickled for a visit from his favorite cousins!
Kevin, his dad Joe, and mom, Peggy, with dad at Raphael House

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