Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chambersburg PA

We've had a long week - and a difficult one.  Fred's mother had to be told that she will be staying on in the full-care wing, and her apartment was to be emptied.  Everyone has struggled with the decision, but Fred's mom is angry and frustrated, and is suffering from her loss of independence.  It's a shame that she has never really settled into this facility - it's beautiful and the staff has been wonderful - but she is REALLY unhappy now.

We worked for 2 days packing/ sorting/ donating.  It's amazing how much had accumulated in such a tiny apartment.

At least we did have a beautiful and peaceful campground to retreat to after "visits".....

love the colors of Autumn Mums

the campground is on a farm - you can tell by the tractor doing the mowing. .... also by the fragrance of dairy cattle.

Fred did get to enjoy some "down" time
Three creeks merge at this farm - one of which is the Conococheague (Con -i-ka-jig) - a  beautiful trout stream that figured largely in one of our most disastrous canoe trips .  We can tell you the story sometime!

packing up to head to Maryland

 Looking forward to visits with friends and family - and really really looking forward to arriving in Florida.
more later!

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  1. It is so difficult when our parents get to the age when they can no longer live safely on their own...we are going through the same thing with my Mom. age 92. The anger at us, the "kids" is so hard to deal with yet probably their was of grieving the loss of their independence. Just keep prioritizing that daily quiet time back at camp for yourselves and soon you will be in Florida. Can't wait to visit you in St. Augustine in December. Love following you on your blog! Cheryl & Hank