Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where to start?

Fred discovered Pickleball - and plays as
often as he can - here in Maine, or on the road

River Walk San Antonio -  Museum Reach 

Everything is BIGGER in Texas
 I can't believe it's been a year since I've tended to this blog!  So much has happened - and we've traveled to so many places.
La Mercado, San Antonio
We spent 4 months in Texas - enjoying beautiful State Parks, the excitement of San Antonio - and we ate lots of Bar-B-Q Texas Style.
 We had a chance to spend time with friends in Houston (Bob & Patt Avery) and ate even more BarBQ - the best in Texas!   And we stayed long enough to be totally astounded by the arrival of Texas Wildflower Season (that went on for week after week).

AND THEN IT GOT HOT!!!  and we moved on.

We arrived back in Maine -  and started the maintenance work on our property that had been untended for 8 months!

playing BEANO with the Cousins at the Round Pond Schoolhouse
We also worked to prepare for the vacation visit from my Annapolis Cousins - Jeanne, Danny, their adult daughters, Amye (and David) and Joy -  along with 3 absolutely terrific grandkids, Ella, Jack & Sienna
We had such fun, ate way too many desserts, laughed as the kids built forts all over the place - and played the official Maine-version of Bingo:

We were thrilled to have a surprise visit from friends  in early August - and then in late August we headed to Northampton to celebrate the marriage of Miranda and Nicole - as the guests of dear friends Bruce & Barbara.  The food was amazing - the gathering was joyous - but the time shared was too short (as always)

and we have more news to share!    watch for more posts ---SOON

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  1. Hi Anita,
    I've missed your blog...glad you are back at it!