Sunday, September 29, 2013

where did the summer go???

it was a busy summer for us - mostly catching up on "house work" that gets left abandoned over the winter.

we happily found a new home for my piano - the one thing that suffers the most from the winter freezes.  7year old Amelia is now learning to play....this makes me very happy!

we had time to visit with lots of friends  -  and lots of friends visited from all over ....from Vermont, Mass, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia, California and Texas!  The Texans were folks we met last year at a campground on the Florida Gulf.... and they made their first trip to Maine in their 1970's vintage Airstream Camper.  Wish the weather had been better -  they got to see Maine at it's foggiest!

Bob & Patt Avery, Texas

We also enjoyed our regular cast of garden visitors

leopard frogs

lunar moths
momma deer with 2 fauns

and we celebrated Fred's 65th birthday with a day at Maine's FAMOUS pre-Civil War Fort Knox (where throughout its history NOTHING HAS EVER HAPPENED)
the happy geezer - YEAH Medicare !

It was a great day - beautiful weather - and amazing that after 27 years here we had never visited before

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