Sunday, December 23, 2012

Catching up with December's news

It's been awhile since I posted - December has been a difficult month for us.  We waited anxiously in Florida for news from home when my mother's health took a bad turn, and she was hospitalized after Thanksgiving.  Ultimately we packed up the RV and made a rushed drive to DC, arriving just before she passed away.  Then while helping with her funeral arrangements and keeping my father company, we learned the terrible news that our dear friend in Maine, Eric Herndon, had also passed away.

When it came time to leave my family we finally decided to head back south to Florida rather than continuing home - although it was a difficult choice for me. And sadly, the dreadful news from Sandy Hook was our companion on the entire drive back south.

We're in the Gainesville area now - still trying to pull mind, body and spirit all into one location, when our thoughts continually pull us toward family and friends elsewhere.

I have lots of happier posts to share with you, and will make an effort to be a better journaler in the future.
For  now, I wanted to post the photos of two people who left our lives this December,

You are all in our thoughts during this Holiday Season and we wish you health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.  with love,
anita & fred

Delia Corsaletti  

my parents - Tom & Dee Giblin with their Great-granddaughter, Vivienne. Nov 2012

The Mad Hatter's Birthday party, August 2012, with Eric & Sarah Herndon

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