Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sunday morning in the historic neighborhood of Lincolnville

 We love to go into St Augustine early in the morning - before shops open and tourists arrive.  It's a lovely place-out-of- time with little surprises everywhere you look.  The old slave section of the city is undergoing a renaissance , with abandoned and derelict homes changing hands and enjoying much needed refurbing.  The community is aptly named "Lincolnville"  and was a significant player in the early days of the civil rights movement.

 Retirees and younger families are bringing in their unique sense of  tropical style....   I loved this particular house - such a happy riot of color
we found this stone "gator" protecting one garden

the street art is great fun - many of the houses have symbols painted on them; often "suns" around windows or starfish/fish/mermaids/ waves painted on side walls and fences.

Pea shrub is in bloom everywhere;  camellias (the winter rose) is starting to show up, and bougenvilla is a startling bright fuchsia.

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